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  ★ Candidates must :17 years old or older / professionally trained in dance(dance diploma) or are currently in a dance company / be able to work and go on tour abroad for performance with dance company.

  ★ Application period : 01.06.2018 10:00 ~ 22.07.2018 23:59 (Korean time) (The registration fee must be completed within the application period)

  ★ Resume must : include 1 headshot, Full body photo 3+,  Video link(URL)

  ★ Invitation delivery period: After payment of registration fee is confirmed, invitation will be sent by e-mail within 2 weeks.

  ★ Participation fee deadline: Within 7 days after sending the invitation. (If you can not check the invitation> Please check the "Q & A page".) 


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Terms and conditions

 The A.A is organized by Dance Planner to be referred in this Agreement as the “Organiser”, registered applicant/participant of the A.A to be referred in this Agreement as the “Candidate”.

 His/her Parent or legal representatives of the applicants below 18 years of age will be referred in this Agreement as the “Candidate”.‘

Candidate should read these Terms and Conditions carefully for legal control which may be a problem in the future.

Candidate must meet the requirements of the organizer, and in case of violation, the registration will be null and void.

Registration for an audition A.A means the complete acceptance of the terms and conditions of the parties (between the Organiser and the candidate (or his / her legal representative).)

These Terms and Conditions will be deemed to have been read and accepted when the candidate (or his / her legal representative) clicks the "Register" and "Payment" button in ‘Apply’ section.


- Registration of resume is possible only on A.A website. 

- Only candidates 17 years of age or older are eligible to apply A.A.

- 'Candidate' must include a dance video link on the resume registration form.

- Photos should be emailed to (


Headshot 1

Full body photo 3+

** Headshot should be pictures with neat backgrounds (not selfish)

*Full body photo should be in a position to show the entire line of your body.

* All photos must be photos within the last 6 months.


Classical variation 1 (free selection)
Modern variation 1 (within 2 minutes)

* Video must be within the last 6 months.
* The video should be a high-quality that shows the dancer's body and face clearly.


- Registration fee will never be returned after payment. (Application period: 01.06.2018 10:00 ~ 22.07.2018 23:59/Korean time)

- For the payment made after the application period, We will return the remaining amount, excluding the transfer fee

- Participation fee(only for applicants who have an invitation) must be confirmed within 7 days of sending the invitation.

- Participation fee will be refunded according to the following rules.

1) Cancellation 30 days before audition - Full refund excluding the transfer fee

2) Cancellation 20 days before audition – Refund after deducting 30% of the participation fee and the transfer fee

3) Cancellation 14 days before audition - Refund after deducting 50% of the participation fee and the transfer fee

4) Cancellation from 14 days before audition - The full amount is non-refundable.


- ‘Candidate’ agrees to take a photo and video record at A.A.

- 'Organizer' holds copyrights of candidates photographed at A.A.

- 'Candidate' can not take commercial activity as a work photographed by A.A.

- 'Organizer' can use videos and photos of "candidates" for promotion of A.A.


- The ‘organizer’ is not responsible for the injuries caused by the negligence of the candidates.

- Foreign 'candidates' must have traveler's insurance during the audition period.



- 'Organizer' will issue invitations by synthesizing the criteria of each artistic directors.

- 'Candidate' can not object to issuing and invitation.


- Foreign 'Candidates' must have an appropriate identification or valid visa to participate A.A.

- 'Organizer' does not issue Visa related documents for attending A.A. for Foreign 'candidates'.

- Flight, accommodation and meals are not provided and are not included in fee of A. A.

- To watching audition is only available on the second floor, only for ticket holders. (1ticket issues per candidate)

- The dancers selected for the trainee prepare a visa for themselves to go to the dance company. 

Click the "Register" button at the bottom to activate the resume registration form.

By submitting your resume using the form, It is assumed that you have agreed to the above.